Right now we have a great need for a fork lift. If you have one you'd like to donate, or if you would like to bless the Mission with the gift of a new fork lift, please contact us.

These numbers are residential, please do not call after
9pm unless it is an emergency.
Call (276) 970-5323, or email us.

Your gifts to Labor of Love Mission are tax deductible. Any financial gift you could give would be a blessing and would help make a real difference.

Please visit our donations page to learn more. Or simply click on the "Make a Donation" button to send your tax deductible gift immediately via PayPal, a safe, fast, and free online service. Thank you!

Each year the Labor of Love Mission helps provide a merry Christmas to children and families in need. We are already in the process of planning for White Christmas 2011! If you would like to help, your donations would be most welcome. You may either donate online, mail or ship via UPS your contribution to:

Mail small items to:
Labor of Love Mission
P.O. Box 386
North Tazewell, VA

Ship Large or Bulk Items to:
Labor of Love Mission
1379 Tazewell Ave
North Tazewell VA 24630

Follow the links below to see the results of our past White Christmas programs. This hasn't been updated in some time because I am no longer able to sit at the computer scanning and uploading like I once could.

White Christmas 2003
White Christmas 2004
White Christmas 2005
White Christmas 2006

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