Another year has came and gone for our family providing Christmas for needy families in Tazewell County.

This year we were able to provide a White Christmas to 6 families. One from the Springville area, Two from the Bluefield area and one from the Cedar Bluff, One from the Richlands area and one from the Tazewell area, 36 people in all.

Not only did friends and family come to the aid in helping donate items, we had items shipped for the Christmas families from Maine, Washington, Indiana, Arkansas, Arizona, NC, and Wisconsin.

Tazewell County schools jumped in and helped too, Graham High, Pocahontas High, Tazewell High, Tazewell Middle, Raven Elementary, Richlands Elementary, and Springville Elementary.

Robert wrapped over 1000 presents this year.

With help we provided each child/family with:

  1. A Winter coat
  2. A pair of shoes (some more than one pair)
  3. A large box of food items, 2 canned hams, a turkey and paper products.
  4. At least one new toy (many received several new toys) and many like new toy items.
  5. At least one new outfit (some received several new outfits) and many like new clothing items
  6. A stuffed animal (some received several)
  7. A box full of school supplies
  8. A "goodie" box filled with candy, small toys and snacks.
  9. A box full each of reading books, coloring books and/or puzzle books.
  10. A new pair of PJs or a gown.
  11. Each received at least one pack of underwear and socks.
  12. Each (or most) received a hat/toboggan/scarf and gloves.
Plus various other items.

Thank you one and all. May God shower you with his blessings and as Michael Combs would say, "I'm drinking from my saucer because my cup is running over." This is our wish to you and yours.

If you would like to donate gift items or money here is how:
For a monetary donation or a Wal-Mart gift card
Mail to:
Labor Of Love Mission P.O. Box 386
North Tazewell, VA

For gift items and packages ship to:
Labor of Love Mission
4330 Wittens Mill RD
North Tazewell, VA
If you have questions call (276) 970-5323

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Simon my son, Julianne my daughter, and my mother help sort White Christmas presents.

Julie ducks out of the picture but not fast enough. Here you can see the presents go all the way to the ceiling.

Here is another view of all the White Christmas presents.

My bedroom turned into a present storage facility.

Here is my bedroom (24 x 16) from the opposite side of the room.

Here are more items for White Christmas waiting to be wrapped.

Here is some stocking items for White Christmas Familie's "goodie boxes" waiting for a good home.

Here is a picture after just a few days of wrapping.

Mom tries to figure out where this present goes.

Instead of being the smart person I thought I was, we stacked all the presents into one big pile as we wrapped them, then had to later be separated into 5 family stacks.

Dad helped deliver White Christmas Family #1 presents and here his truck is loaded and ready to go.

Here is our van loaded, front view

and back view ready to go to family #1.


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