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Free Prescription Medications
Many United States citizens make a choice each month, whether to buy food, pay their electric bill or buy their much-needed medication. The Southwest Virginia Graduate Medical Education Consortium (GMEC) conducted a study of access to health care in Southwest Virginia, the study shows that "24% had no medical insurance (32% - adults; 14% - children)." The GMEC study, which was presented to the Virginia General Assembly revealed that Southwest Virginia?s population, is "sicker than the population of Virginia as a whole and needs more medical care. However, ?fully half of this ?sicker? population has limited access to health services because of financial distress...?

People complained of an inability to get needed services and about the high cost of care.
?Right now I am out of seven of my medicines and cannot afford to buy them?I can?t afford eye care and I am a diabetic.?
?My husband and I received Medicaid for 3 months last year?Found out we had serious health problems, but now with my husband?s job, we don?t quality for Medicaid, and can?t afford insurance. I guess we got stuck in the crack.?
?My brother-in-law is 63 and on dialysis three times a week. He has $569 income and his prescriptions total $596 monthly.?

People have a strong sense of community and are concerned about the health and welfare of others.
?Lack of affordable insurance for the working class is a huge problem here?though my family is blessed to be financially comfortable, even our co-payments put a big dent in our budget? how difficult it must be for some other families!?
?We need health care for everyone. My mother had no insurance and I had to provide as much help as I could at the time. She died ?at age 58?better health care would have extended her life.?

Poor people are forced to ?make do? with less health care.
?We were taught to be responsible?if you can?t afford it, you don?t get it!?
?My wife and I both have bad teeth, but we have to leave it that way.?
?I know what its like to suffer because you can?t afford care. I would have died, if I had not been able to obtain my insulin through a free drug prescription program.?

Labor of Love Mission will help these people that have "fallen between the cracks." We will help the distressed, the poor & the underprivileged without insurance coverage for prescription medications, we will help you obtain your long-term physician prescribed medications FREE by collaborating with patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.

While there is an income guideline mandated by most pharmaceutical companies the guideline varies and we believe that numerous individuals in Tazewell County, the State of Virginia, West Virginia and the whole United States will be able to take advantage of this wonderful program.

Free of Charge
We will:

  1. Match each individual with their prescribed medication to the right pharmaceutical company.
  2. Walk each individual through every step of the process in order for them to obtain their needed medication(s) FREE.
  3. Provide the needed application.
  4. Fill out and/or assist with filling out the application.
  5. Help gather necessary paperwork.
  6. Send letters to their physicians explaining our program and how they can help.
  7. Mail/fax all necessary paperwork to patient's specific pharmaceutical company.
Free of charge
Many people/companies charge a fee per application to do this but not Labor of Love Mission!

Do not do without your needed LONG TERM medications call us to schedule an appointment today!
Call (276) 970-5323
Or contact us by email: info@laboroflovemission.org.

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